In response to today’s prompt,Organize

What will it take for the human race to unite? 
An impending disaster with no chance of survival for anyone, or does it require something more subtle, such as the shifting of perspective – to acknowledge that the person next to you came from the same womb, if you were to look sufficiently back in time. 

To place your superiority based on colour are the act of cowards, when they know that there exists nothing else to differentiate and elevate your wounded ego. 

Even stupider, would be to categorise people on their caste or creed – as both of these are man made structures, again for the same reasons. 

People aren’t the same. You might hate some, love some or be indifferent to some. But that doesn’t let you escape from the fact that all of you descended down from the same ancestors, whether you accept it or not. Facts are facts. There is no getting around them.


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